About Eugreen Dispensary

Our story begins in the year of the Duck 2014. After gardening the green for many seasons we came to a conclusion. We decided to combine our two loves, Eugene and cannabis. Thus, the name Eugreen was born. Being lifelong Eugene residents we wanted to spread the love, and share our garden with the community. Reduce, reuse, recycle. This simple but effective method is how all our cannabis is grown. Our soil is a living and breathing ecosystem.

We take advantage of these thriving microbes by using a no-till growing method to produce our all organic,natural, hand crafted marijuana. This approach results in better tasting, cleaner smoking, and gorgeous buds.

Eugreen Health Center truly is a dispensary that is committed to our patients and providing the highest quality, lowest cost cannabis in the Eugene area. We cater to medical and recreational users, and offer the widest marijuana selection in southern Oregon. Featuring over 90+ strains of flower,  concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, vape pens, plus an extensive collection of in house clones. Come check out our exclusive strains like Colorado Sunshine, Cherry Pie, Gorilla Glue #4, Polynesian Cookie Haze, and Wifi OG. Whether you’re a cannasseur or just the occasional midnight toker we’re sure to have something that fits your taste and budget.

We take satisfaction in providing the best marijuana products and service to our community.  We want to make sure that each and every patient who comes into Eugreen dispensary leaves with a smile on their face. We love cannabis almost as much as we love Eugene. Which is why our goal is simple; making you happy!  Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the marijuana industry and the many beneficial properties of the cannabis plant we strive to provide you with the best marijuana experience possible.

At Eugreen Health Center, we are committed to serving our patients and we look forward to meeting you soon! So stop by and say high!

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